Wednesdays, 5:00-6:15 August 10 - September 14
First Congregational UCC Sanctuary

The Upright Life: Yoga and the Spiritual Precepts

Yoga means union, a joining to life. Yoga asanas are a way to connect with your divine life, the Eternal.. In Yoga Church you will have the opportunity to connect with new life as it is experienced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually., as it comes in each moment. Yoga,is connection, the body praying in movement and thorugh breath. 

Beginning Auigust 10 Yoga Church will introduce a series based on the spiritual precepts as experienced in the Judeo-Christian traditions, Hinduism and Zen. Incorporating the yamas and niyamas of Pantanjali we will move through the postures, and touch into the precepts of non-violence, not stealing, etc...

Yoga Church is a deep integration of the world's wisdom traditions for the transformation of the human spirit. 


The class will be taught by Gerri Penny of Red Door Yoga Studio, Santa Rosa and Rev. David Parks-Ramage, Sensei


The class is open to all ability levels. Please bring your own yoga mat if possible. All donations will benefit First Congregational Church.