Wherever you are, just take the role of host, and that place will be a true place. --Linji

Sometimes I feel like I was raised by wolves, outside of what humans know, exiled from a world of convention, the world of human invention, houses, cars, the Rotarians. This begins to feel like a spot far and away, apart. In exile too long I wonder just where it is that I belong.

There is, in life, a deep abiding desire to belong, to find oneself in the course of things - to find the undivided wholeness that is ‘welcome.’ For Chinese master, Linji, this is ‘taking the position of host.’ The hostess with the mostest, we say. Linji would not say most, but everything. Here in this true place of welcome there is nothing left out. Everything is at home. Always.

So, this exile? That too. My wolf family? Yes. The house and the cars? Um hmmm. Rotarians? Well...them too. My dissatisfaction in not belonging? Even that. One seamless body. No inside or outside.

Taking the position of host, that place will be a true place.