Waterwheel Grace

While on retreat last week, a friend of mine brought me a beautiful image from the Fransican Saint Bonaventure. In describing the activity of the Mystery in our lives he uses the image of the waterwheel. The water beneath the wheel flows in one direction. It is for us to accept the flow, the energy for our lives, and pass it on. This flow is not something we can earn, control or contain for our own use. The flow is the thing. With love there is no holding, we can only pass it on. So, the waterwheel quickly becomes a metaphor for our lives. Where we might reach and grab, the universe flows and we are moved. Where we might manipulate and push the universe/God/Mystery flows and we receive. It is for us to allow life to come to us -- this life is our energy, our love, our blessing. And with this energy we pass it on and bless others. The grace they receive is the very same grace that we have received. When we wake up to the vitality of life's flow, we recognize that this is where we have lived from beyond beginningless time. Our true nature is of the flow. We meet life as life, spirit as spirit, love as the embodiment of love. We have poetry tomorrow night and meditation on Wednesday. Both start at 6:30. All are welcome! Blessings,





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