The Golden Wind

When the tree withers and the leaves fall, what is happening ?​ The golden wind is revealing itself.

At 1:21 am tomorrow morning the autumnal equinox will happen. Fall will arrive. I have been noticing that as we move towards Fall, the days are getting shorter. While you could count on long days, sundown around 9:30 in late June, now it is dark around 7:30 or 8. I am always sad to see the days shorten. Indeed, I am usually in denial as fall rolls around. I wear short sleeves, go outside without a coat, act surprised at nightfall. I might be like the questioner in the koan, When the tree whiters and the leaves fall, what is happening? Well, change is happening, that's what, as we descend into days of increasing darkness, as things are veiled in the dark, I remember that these koans are about me, my life. This descent is mine -- a movement from knowing into unknowing, from certainty into uncertainty, into a time when things are stripped away and I simply wonder: what is happening in my life? As the tree of my life withers and what I have counted on falls to the ground, what then? What is left? The koan has something to say in response: The golden wind is revealing itsellf. That's it! The golden wind, the basic fact of our lives is revealed. Now that's interesting! See you tomorrow @ 6:30 pm. David





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