Taking the Path...

Koan: Go straight on the road with 99 curves. Today I had the privilege of walking the labyrinth at Spring Lake Village with one of the elder members of our congregation. As we were walking along the path, twisting and turning, my friend began to feel a bit disoriented, not sure of the right direction. "Is this the right way?" she asked. I assured her, "Yes, I think so." This happened a few times, "are you sure?I think maybe I got turned around back there " "Yes, I think this will get us there. We aren't far from the center." And then the labyrinth path took us way to the outside. There on the path, but far from our goal, my friend said, "Oh, I get it, this is like life. Sometimes it becomes confusing and you get turned around every which way, but if you keep walking you will find yourself at the center of things. We walk the path through life. As relationships come and as they go, the road twists. As we find ourselves disappointing ourselves and others, we find the road turns. Sometimes joy finds us as the road takes a happy turn. Lots of twisting and turning -- my friend is right, that is life. And so we have this koan, "Go straight on the road with 99 curves." See you on Wednesday, 6:30 pm, 2000 Humboldt Street, Santa Rosa

Blessings, David





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