On Pilgrimage, No Clue

Hello Everyone, We like to surround ourselves with that which is familiar. We believe that we can count on the familiar to take us through life. One thing that I have noticed is that in trusting the familiar I often disengage from what is happening around me, just counting on what is usual -- the same old, same old -- to carry me through. I can phone it in. I am lost to the life that is all around me, lost to the surprises that are welcoming me into each moment. Things are different as I deal with what is not known, with the unfamiliar. When I am in unsual sorroundings I feel alive, I am aware of what is around me, of how I am in relation to the world as it comes. With koans we cozy up to the unfamiliar, to the unknown. We welcome the surprises. There is a koan that gets to the heart of this: Fayan comes to his teacher who asks him, Where are you going? Out on pilgrimage. How is that for you? I don't know. Not knowing is most intimate. We will sit with this koan tomorrow, Wednes





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