Be Kind While Sitting

Be Kind with Yourself As with life so with meditation: It is best to be kind. If meditation is a technique then I suppose it can be done wrong. As with any technique, say a golf swing, you can do it beter or you can do it not so well. Meditaiton is not a technique, it is something more fundamental, sort of like breathing. With breathing there really can't be a right or a wrong == as long as you take the next breath and the next. So with meditation -- to sit down and welcome the moment, the right here and the right now. If you are distracted you can welcome that, if you are overwhelmed, you can welcome that. If you are peaceful and have a sense of how things fit together---that's right, welcoem that. So, above all be kind -- there is nothing wrong, no way you can do it wrong. This kindness is of itself a blessing. Sitting quietly is sitting in each moment, come what may. Even here, mostly here, life comes together.





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