Abiding Nowhere...


This week's koan is taken from the Diamond Sutra. The Diamond Sutra gets is name because it is as hard and sharp as a diamond, cutting through delusion, opening the heart/mind. The koan is a short one: "Abiding nowhere, let the mind come forth." Before the Coen Brothers'The Big Lebowski, "abide" was a word seldom heard outside of church, faithful parishioners giving voice to the old chestnut, "Abide with me," a plea for God's presence in hard times. Then along comes Jeff Lebowski, "the dude," who we are informed by a mysterious cowboy, "abides." He waits, he hangs, he IS. But if one were to ask the Big Lebowski himself, you would hear, "the dude is not in ." That's just how it goes with Zen -- abides, not in. Nothing to hang onto there, one is left hanging in mystery. Which is it? Sort of like the koan, Abiding nowhere.... But, then I think of Suzuki-roshi's beginner's mind. He writes in Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few." I think of the times in my life when deep down I am able to admit that I haven't a clue. Those are the times when life comes close, my senses are primed as I meet the moment, see things that I don't usally see, find myself doing things that surprise even me. Life is kind like that, revealing itself as I am ready, my senses wide open, my heart moved by the surprising generosity that meets me. Beginner's Mind -- Abiding nowhere, it all comes forth.





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