The Open Door...The Gateless Gate


Before you is an open door, which no one can shut. -- Revelation 3:8 ...Gateless is the Dharma Gate. If it is gateless, how can you pass through it? Have you ever noticed that what you desire most in life, finally comes to you as a gift? You spend years pining for and suffering in pursuit of love. And nothing happens. One day, you wake up and find yourself, fallen -- in love. Perhaps you know what it is like to wake up happy -- for no particular reason. Happiness floats (thank you Naomi Shihab Nye, So Much Happiness), love floats, joy in the same way floats and we find ourselves right there, in the midst. The door to joy, love and the rest seems to be no door at all. Where you thought there might be a gate separating you from your true self, your real life, there is no gate at all. Where you thought the door was shut you find that it never was closed. Where you thought there might be a better, far distant and superior life available to you, you notice it is all right here. As you awaken you find that life is seamless, “one strip of white silk.” Finally, I like the Wumen’s comments on the gate more than I like the door in Revelation. For Wumen there is no outside and inside, no gate of separation. The Gate itself is gateless. How can you pass through it?





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