Another World: Right Here!

There is another world, but it is in this one.

-Paul Eluard

The realm of the God is like a woman carrying a jar full of meal who sets off on a long road. . While she was walking, the handle of the jar broke (and) the meal poured out behind her on the road. She was unaware, she had not noticed the misfortune. When she came to her house, she put the jar down (and) found it empty. Gospel of Thomas, #97

The road that you walk, the path that you take is both seen and unseen, known and unknown. You plan your trip and travel into the wide world. Having consulted maps and queried the experts, the road is laid out, seen. You prepare. Yet, as someone has noted, the map is not the territory. When this dawns on you, then and there, you might notice, the path is unseen. “There is another world,” said Paul Eluard, “but it is in this one.” So, as you walk this uncharted territory, you find, the bridge washed out, the detour long. The expected spring is dried up, and just as you begin to worry, the rain begins to fall. As your body tires from the long trek, your heart breaks open, the path now multi-layered as foreground and background shift, a world revealed. This path, the road less-travelled (for this road is only for you), lies before you a mystery, revealed only as you walk.

The path we take through life seems to be a path of not-knowing, a path where we are open to the unfolding of life before us. We leave the seen and known behind, open only to what we don’t and cannot know. This way can only be entered as you fully engage your life, as you walk the path.

On retreat we join with our companions and walk the path together, engaging heart/mind, greeting life as she comes to us. Retreat is a time for discovery (dis-covering) and sharing what we find. We will meditate with koans and with sacred text, we will enjoy good food and we will share our discoveries through conversation. Our community will be one of awakening, our lives joined as our one heart breaks and opens to life as she reveals herself.





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