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At Open Door We Embrace and Participate in the Spiritual Practices of:

Meditation is simply the practice of paying attention. You will pay attention the way you pay attention. So, there is no right way to meditate, just your way. To begin meditation, just sit down and notice how it is for you. Notice the opinions that come to mind as you sit, notice your feelings, how your body feels on the floor or in the chair. Allow your attention to bring you to “here,” to the “now” of your experience.  There is no right way to do this. There is nothing to fix or to get right. Whatever comes notice that. Meditation is a laboratory of sorts, a practice that allows us to be present to life. As heart opens in meditation, you may be surprised at what you discover.


Koan Study Koans are tools for transformation, helping us, where life was once shut down and confined, to find freedom in the vast mystery of life, as it is reflected in our living. Koans are an invitation to participate in this larger reality. Through metaphor and myth they help us to imagine and feel our way into life, finding our place, experiencing this reality as our own. The study of koans opens us to Spirit. At Open Door we have Zen koans, the tradition from which this practice derived and koans gleaned from the contemplative reading of the sayings and doings of Jesus.  We use both sorts in our approach to what Jesus called, “the kingdom of God,” or what was called “buddha nature” or better, “your original face before your parents were born,” by the Chinese originators of the Zen, or in the Chinese, Ch’an tradition.

Inquiry Inquiry will bring us to the heart of things, undercutting our assumptions about life, opening us to the deeper possibilities in life.  Simply we ask questions of our experience.  The deeper we dive the more life reveals itself to us.  


Conversation Life itself is a conversation, a call and response with the vast mystery, inviting us into ever deeper communion.  Conversations, within small groups and one on one with spiritual friends, is a way to join in, of inquiring deeply into our own lives. Here, conversation can be a revelation, opening the gates of transformation.  At Open Door we have small group opportunities for conversation and possibilities for one on one conversation with David.

To read more about the process please download this pdf (requres Acrobat Reader).

Hearing the Parables and Sayings of Jesus as Zen Christian Koans.




Lillies of the Field
Lillies of the Field


  • Meditation

  • Koan study

  • Book Study

  • Conversation

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. 
Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Someone asked Dahui,“What’s it
like when mind and buddha are both forgotten?”
Dahui replied, “The sun revealed
in the hands of an old woman selling fans.”


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