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Put out the Fire Across the River..
Stop the War.

Open Door Zen

106 Pine Meadow Road, Waco, KY 40385

phone:707.494.2730, email:

Directions from Richmond: Take Route 52, Irvine Road, east towards Irvine. Travel about 5 miles, until you come to a stop light where Route 374 intersects 52 (there is a Shell Station to your right), turn right on Route 374. Go to the end of 374 to where it intersects with Route 499. Turn left on Route 499. 499 will turn to the right where it becomes Panola Road (look for the sign to Panola Baptist Church) Foillow 499 as Panola Road into the little village of Panola (you will pass numerous farms, a cemetery on your left). You will notice the Panola Baptist Church on your right. About a quarter mile from the church on 499/Panola Road you will come to an intersection of 3 or 4 roads. The leftmost tun is Pine Meadow Road. There is a mailbox immediately to your right, and then a gravel driveway to the right. Turn right on the gravel driveway and go to the end of the driveway. You have found us!  Siri will get you here. Google Maps will get you to the church, then follow these directions. 

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