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The Bell of Mindfullness

Take the position of the host and you will be in  your true place.   Linji

Open Door encourages spiritual transformation through inquiry, meditation, education, and  koan study.  Open Door is founded on the principle that spiritual formation is without boundary, the birthright of all.  



Pacific Zen Institute David Parks-Ramage is a Zen teacher in the tradition of the Pacific Zen School.  Pacific Zen Institute was founded by John Tarrant, Roshi 25 years ago as a way to teach that meditation and koans can have a real and direct impact on your life.


Today there are a number of PZI centers in the US and Canada. Santa Rosa is the location of the original center. For more information about Pacific Zen Institute, retreats and programs, go to pacificzen.org



A student asked Zhaozhou,
“What is meditation?”
“It’s not meditation.”
“Why isn’t it meditation?”
“It’s alive, it’s alive.”

Rev. David Parks-Ramage, Sensei is a UCC minister with 30 years experience teaching interfaith contemplative practices. He is a Zen Teacher trained in koan practice at the Pacific Zen Institute and has been educated in Spiritual Direction at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.


David's contemplative teachers over the years have included John Tarrant, Henri Nouwen, Gerald May, Tilden Edwards and Rosemary Dougherty.  With his deep training in Christian Contemplative practice and Zen he finds value and teaches in each tradition. Currently, he is working on the sayings and doings of Jesus as Christian koans. 


Rev. David's Blog is Jesus Points to the Moon